How to install PPTP VPN server in RHEL/Centos 6.4 Linux


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  1. Jack says:

    First need enable tun module (tunelling kernel module):

    # echo 'modprobe tun' >> /etc/rc.modules
    # chmod +x /etc/rc.modules

    At next boot will be loaded tun module in kernel

  2. mario vargas careaga says:

    i have all in server running and port 1723 listening , i’m trying to connect from a winxp client but i can’t i don’t know really whats’s the problem when I trying gives to me error769 :the specified destination is not reachable
    please if you can help me with that….

  3. mario vargas careaga says:

    netstat -anp | grep 1723

    tcp 0 0* LISTEN 3502/pptpd


    02:30:11.484231 IP > ICMP host unreachable – admin prohibited

    where server and remote , and the error error769 continues ….

  4. Jeff Scharfenberg says:

    I have gone over this setup atleast 8 times today and never even came close to getting it to work. I’m 100% lost. Can anyone assist me in what i’m missing?

    • Charles Wells says:

      Enable tun module (tunelling kernel module)

      # echo ‘modprobe tun’ >> /etc/rc.modules
      # chmod +x /etc/rc.modules

      and reboot system.

      • Jeff Scharfenberg says:

        I did that previously, when i run ifconfig i still see no tun. So i’m still stuck in the same position.

  5. WPeckham says:

    Not bad, but how do you configure if you want the authentication directed to AD instead of the flat file?

  6. fehmi says:

    “The PPTP protocol does not allow two VPN connections from the same remote IP address”

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