YUM Autocomplete on Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat (RHEL)

Autocomplete feature is familiar to many who have used the Debian based Linux, like Debian and Ubuntu. For some reason, this feature is not automatically activated/installed on Red Hat -based Linux distros, like Fedora, CentOS and Red Hat (RHEL). Actually auto completion works with any Bash programs, but I think it’s very useful example with YUM and also with RPM.

1. Install bash-completion

1.1 Change to root

su -
## OR ##
sudo -i

1.2 Install bash-completion package with YUM

yum install bash-completion

1.3 Logout console

Then logout console or close command line and log back in.

2. Autocomplete usage

[TAB] = press tab/tabulator

2.1 YUM commands

Example 1

[root ~]$ yum in[TAB][TAB]
info install[root ~]$ yum ins[TAB] ## and you get "yum install"

Example 2

[root ~]$ yum s[TAB][TAB]
search shell[root ~]$ yum se[TAB] ## and you get "yum search"

2.2 YUM packages

Example 1

[root ~]$ yum install fire[TAB][TAB]
firebird-classic.i686 firebird.i686 firecontrol.i686
firebird-devel.i686 firebird-libfbembed.i686 firehol.noarch
firebird-doc.i686 firebird-superserver.i686 firewalk.i686[root ~]$ yum install fireh[TAB] ## and you get "yum install firehol.noarch"

Example 2

[root ~]$ yum remove ge[TAB][TAB]
gedit.i686 geoclue-devel.i686 geronimo-jms.noarch gettext.i686
gegl.i686 geoclue.i686 geronimo-jta.noarch gettext-libs.i686
genisoimage.i686 GeoIP.i686 gettext-devel.i686[root ~]$ yum remove gen[TAB] ## and you get "yum remove genisoimage.i686"

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