What is Ubuntu Server?

This is the lean server and cloud version of Ubuntu, the world’s favourite free operating system. Ubuntu has been adopted as a trusted server platform by large and small organisations alike. It powers some of the world’s biggest websites, and it’s the most popular OS for cloud deployments everywhere. Whether you’re deploying a fanless home server or a fifty-thousand node rendering cluster, you’re in good company with Ubuntu. It’s easy to install, maintain and includes free security updates.

Why choose Ubuntu Server?
Ubuntu Server gives you the world’s leading cloud infrastructure and is available as a certified guest on all the leading public clouds.
• Ubuntu Server LTS has seven years of free security and maintenance.
• Ubuntu Server works on popular commodity hardware and is fully certified on servers from leading manufacturers.
• Use Metal as a Service to provision multiple servers in your data centre easily.
• Choose from the widest selection of server apps, tools and frameworks.

Metal as a Service
Ubuntu comes with the world’s largest selection of pre-packaged server software, so you can deploy web, email, file and database servers with ease. The new Metal as a Service (MAAS) deployment system brings cloud semantics to the bare metal – deploy complex systems easily onto your server clusters, scale them up and down and connect them to the cloud, all through a web interface.

System requirements
Your server must have at least 128 MB of RAM and 1 GB of disk space. This 64-bit edition will run on AMD64 and Intel x64-based computers.

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