Slurm – Command line bandwidth monitoring tool for linux

Slurm is basically a network monitoring tool. It lets you monitor the traffic on network interfaces. Slurm visualizes network interface traffic using ascii graph.

Install Slurm on Debian/Ubuntu Based Distribution.

Installing slurm it is very simple, open the terminal and run the following command to install it.

# sudo apt-get install slurm

Once the installation is completed, you will be able to monitor your network traffic on the command line using this utility. In the terminal run the commands in the following format.

# slurm –i [Interface Name]

The -i option selects interface to monitor. Example:

# slurm -i wlan0
Slurm Example interface
Slurm Example interface

Keyboard shortcut code

Slurm supports several different keys for interaction:

  • s switch to split graph mode
  • c switch to classic mode
  • l switch to large graph mode
  • L enable TX/RX led
  • m switch between classic, split and large view
  • z zero counters
  • r redraw screen
  • q quit slurm
Slurm - split graph mode
Slurm – split graph mode

This utility will prove to be really helpful if you are working on the command line.
If you are having any suggestion, let me know via our comment section.

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