Saidar – system monitoring tool

Saidar is a curses-based application to display system statistics. It use the libstatgrab library, which provides cross platform access to statistics about the system on which it’s run. Reported statistics include CPU, load, processes, memoryswap, network input and output and disks activities along with their free space.
Here is the screenshot of Saidar in action:

Saidar - comand line system monitoring tool
Saidar – comand line system monitoring tool

To install Saidar in Ubuntu or other similar Debian-based distros, just run the following command:

sudo apt-get install saidar

To use Saidar, all you need is to open the terminal and type “saidar“.

# saidar

Use the -c option to add color to the screen Saidar:

# saidar -c
saidar -c
saidar -c

To see more options on Saidar type following comand in your terminal:

# saidar -help
Saidar help
Saidar help

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