How to run Popcorn Time on Ubuntu/Mint linux


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  1. Sabun says:

    Thanks! The libudev workaround helped me get it up and running on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit.

  2. Roman Petrush says:

    Linux mint 16, Doesnt work for me.. just make a double click but nothing happens at all. Pls help

  3. Kat says:

    Linux Mint 16 – have extracted all files as directed but once I click the gear icon, nothing happens. Plz advise.

  4. BoogerGuy says:

    On older versions (or 32 bit platforms) you might need to check the name of the folder to use, for instance:

    sudo ln -s /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ /lib/i386-linux-gnu/

  5. Stephen Anthony Miron says:

    I could help you okay. Where you want to go is to this program download Popcorn time.
    Go always down where show the Linux one okay click 1
    you have okay so if you using 32 bit click on the 32bit if you using
    64bit click on 64 bit okay. Where says Extract here do that and hit
    installed okay. I hope this helps you okay.

  6. For 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04:

    sudo ln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

  7. Tlob says:

    For version 5.3.1, the libudev work around does not work. It causes Popcorn-Time to load a black screen and just hang.


    Im using linux mint 17.1 and followed the instructions as above but it is not exactly clear on where you are extracting it to in the gui version of the instructions? is that just /home or /home/username I did it at /home/username and also when that didnt work at /home and then tried the command sudo ln -s /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ …
    and it just produced a broken symlink?
    even went so far as to open the popcorn time executable properties and then scrolled to permissions to make all users read and write to see if that would get a response? nothing zip zilch???? as per usual the smaller distros have been forgotte in terms of support, thanks once again for forgetting us! I would have thought Linux mint would have had support????!!!! help if you can would be very much appreciated thanks in advance 😉

  9. StonieTonie says:

    Download Popcorn time:

    Sla op in bijvoorbeeld je downloadsmap in linux (meestal te vinden onder de hoofdmap: Home)

    Dubbelklik op die gedownloade file.
    Een venster opent zich waar je de file mee kunt uitpakken.
    Die wil het uitpakken in de map Downloads…maar ik raad aan om met de daarvoor bestemde knop in dat geopende venster eerst een map aan te maken…bijvoorbeeld PopcornTime Linux.
    Pak dan uit (=extract). In die net door jou gemaakte map vind je de (grijze) file: Popcorn-Time. Dubbelklik daarop en PopcornTime start op. (Je kunt voor het gemak een snelkoppeling op je bureaublad plaatsen).

    Veel kijkplezier

    GreetingzzzZZZzzz van een linux-leek (en fan!)

  10. Stelargo@ says:

    I have linux mint 17.2.. and gor Black screen when start Beta 3.2 version.

    The same Black screen I got when start Windows Beta 5.4 through Wine.

    Please help.

  11. palverbark says:

    it just gos dark 🙁 i can’t se any thing help!!!!

  12. Hernando says:

    Didn’t work on ubuntu 10.04 Lucide 64 bits, nor PopcornTimeCEYIFY-64 even

  13. maeta says:

    Lol ok I just get spam when I double clicked the popcorn time file. Went to 🙁

    tried all the solutions posted here, that was the furthest I got. Just installed Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit. Anyone have any other ideas?

  14. atrila says:

    Thank you, work

  15. Raju says:

    After installing it PopCorn Time on my windows, I was looking for how to do it in Linux.

    Came across this wonderful Linux Tutorial site. Thank you for the detailed steps.

  16. crazyman says:

    I did all that have cinnamon 64. I think I need to add some other program that dont come with installs. do i need vpn i got one.

  17. Ariman says: is not working anymore.

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