Recover deleted files and folders using scalpel (A Filesystem Recovery Tool) on linux


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  1. aks says:

    hello, I am trying to recover few things using scalpel. but i’m not able to uncomment or edit the scalpel.conf file. I changed the permission of the .conf file to 777 using chmod, but in vain. Can you help me?

  2. Viktor says:

    have you checked if sellinux is enabled? search for secure linux

  3. Vanto says:

    So…what happens? I don’t understand the last step. I start scalpel, and what do I get? a list of files that it finds? or what? how do I recover the missing file?? It seems like this tutorial is incomplete. Is there a second page I’m not seeing?

  4. SunJoo says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, I was able to recover the files but all files were renamed and original data structures were not recovered, instead each folder of file type was created and all the respective files were stored with system renamed files.

    Now, the question is that is there any workaround to restore the original data folder structures/files?

  5. Mohan says:

    How to use Scalpel in windows environment?

  6. sawan choubisa says:

    scalepel command can any folder data or not ?

  7. sawan choubisa says:

    i am using ubuntu 16.04 an accidentally i lost my folder can i recover lost folder using scalpel command utility pls reply ASAP.

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