Install FreeRadius With Web Based Management Daloradius On CentOS/RHEL


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  1. MichalP says:

    After executing the command # mysql -uroot -p the RHEL6 replies Access denied for user ‘root’ at ‘localhost’ (using password: YES)

  2. vivek says:

    Successfully deploy diloradius, got login page also, But after login it says Server error 500

  3. maosina says:

    i’m install ready but can’t login page daloradius .
    why ? Could u guide me about
    To add NAS clients that will use RADIUS server for AAA you have to add the following to the clients.conf file. Append a block such as this, replace with the ip address of your NAS client that will use FreeRADIUS for AAA.

    client {
    secret = 91982650d89
    nastype = other

  4. swamy says:

    can we get users site access logs like in dma softlabs connection tracking logs

  5. Donald Davies says:

    did everything . Web page comes up. Cannot log in. Tried all username and password combination. Please help

  6. hanq says:

    so many time wrong by 500 server error. working here with this command.
    pear install DB-1.9.0

  7. Rey Anthony Peruelo says:

    site doesn’t come up

  8. khurshed says:

    Hi your info: is very nice. But I want learn how to install daloradius on centos 7 with everything details

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