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Install CentOS web panel (free hosting control panel on CentOS)

Centos web panel is free and open source web hosting control panel, designed for quick and easy management of (Dedicated & VPS) servers with out of need to use ssh console for every little thing.
There are lot’s of options and features for server management in this control panel, as admin/client access in the panel, Softculous auto installer, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Apache, SSL, DNS etc. More features, see in the official page.

Centos Web Panel
Centos Web Panel

In this article we will explain to you how to install CentOS Web Panel a free web hosting control panel on CentOS VPS.

Install Centows Web Panel (CWP)

Before installing CWP, you must know the following information:

  • CWP only supports static IP addresses. It does not support dynamic, sticky, or internal IP addresses.
  • CWP doesn’t has an uninstaller. After you install CWP, you must reinstall the server to remove it.
  • Only install CWP on a freshly installed operating system without any configuration changes.
  • Need atleast 512MB RAM for 32 bit systems, 1024MB for 64 bit systems.
  • Need 4GB RAM or more to deploy all modules.
  • At least 20GB or hard disk space is required.

Now, First update your CentOS server and install required packages:

# yum update -y
# yum install wget -y

Reboot once to take effect the changes.

Install CWP

Change to /usr/local/src/ directory:

# cd /usr/local/src

and download latest CWP version with command:

# wget http://centos-webpanel.com/cwp-latest

Now, start CWP installer:

# sh cwp-latest

IMPORTANT NOTE! – CWP installer can run more than 30 minutes because it needs to compile Apache and PHP from source.

Install CWP
Install CWP

When the process is finished, you’ll see something like this:
CWP Finish installation
Now hit Enter on your keyboard and your server should reboot automatically. Next time you try to login to your server via SSH, the display will be different. You will now see CWP welcome message.

Welcome to CWP (CentOS WebPanel) server
Welcome to CWP (CentOS WebPanel) server

Open up your favorite web browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc) and open your newly installed CWP admin GUI at one of these URLs:

http://ip.add.re.ss:2030 or https://ip.add.re.ss:2031

Enter your root user and root password and login to CentOS webhosting control panel:

CWP login
CWP login

This is how CWP dashboard will look:

CWP Dashboard
CWP Dashboard

Congratulations! CWP has been successfully has been installed.


  1. I have a problem with this panel. I need to run a php script, execution time him are quite large.
    In browser sho error(500):
    Internal Server Error
    In apache log(/usr/local/apache/logs/error):
    Script timed out before returning headers: index.php

    The values for:
    max_input_time, max_execution_time
    set great value – 999

    I tried to correct the error, the value(Timeout) of the rules:
    in file /usr/local/apache/conf/extra/httpd-default.conf

    But it did not help.
    Some time later, still an error: 500
    How to increase the timeout.
    Help me please.

  2. I have installed CWP successfully. I press ENTER for server reboot! as per the command screen output, but server is not started yet. Now I am not able to connect server via SSH and cannot access via http://SERVER_IP:2030 also. Please help me to resolve this issue

  3. CWP is not worthing your time.
    I did use it, allways error 500, fix permissions DOES NOT WORK, and you need to change owner from SSH.

    SuPHP is a pain in the ASS, anf is useless.. all that module do is to create errors for you..

    I delete it.

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