How to install Tvheadend (open source TV streaming server) on Ubuntu

Tvheadend is open source TV streaming server and digital video recorder for Linux based systems.

Tvheadend features

  • SDTV and HDTV support
  • Input sources
    •  DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-S2 and ATSC.
    • Multicasted IPTV.
    • Analog TV
  • Output targets
    • HTSP (Home TV Streaming Protocol)
    • The Built-in Digital Video Recorder
    • RTSP server
  • Modern web user interface  Entire application loaded into browser
  • Easy to administrate and configure – All setup and configuration is done from the built in web user interface.
  • Electronic Program Guide
  • Easy DVB setup
  • Multi-user support

More about Tvheadend see on the official page.
In this guide I’ll try to explain to you how to install Tvheadend (open source TV streaming server) on Ubuntu 14.04 Linux.

Installing Tvheadend

First add Tvheadend repository in /etc/apt/sources.list

# nano /etc/apt/sources.list

And add the following line:

deb http://apt.tvheadend.org/stable trusty main

After adding Tvheadend repository to apt sources, we need to update apt manager first:

# apt-get update

Now, install Tvheadend:

# apt-get install tvheadend
Install Tvheadend
Install Tvheadend

On next Screen set Tvheadend admin username and password and hit “OK”.

Set Tvheadend admin username and password
Set Tvheadend admin username and password

Next screen, it will let you know how you can access your Tvheadend after installation is successful, by using http://localhost:9981 or http://ip.add.re.ss:9981/ in the web browser

How to access from web browser
How to access from web browser

That’s all, Tvheadend successfully installed on your Ubuntu system.
Now, open your web browser and enter Tvheadend address http://ipaddress:9981/

Tvheadend login
Tvheadend login

Login with your username and password you specified earlier in the configuration process.

Tvheadend control panel
Tvheadend control panel

After login to Tvheadend control panel, under Configuration tab, click on DVB Inputs and select your TV adapter.

Select TV adapter
Select TV adapter

That is all. Thanks for reading this article. If you get this article helpful, please don’t forget to share it.

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  1. Hi Rasho, I would like to know about the next steps for multicast or unicast streaming delivering. Once I have tvheadend up and some capture device working fine, so, how how to create channels addresses and other stuffs like these, to be ready for setup the set top boxes?

  2. Hi Rasho,

    Iptv, in need some help in setting up a web service using apache, pho and MySQL on ubuntu or windows operating system. Are you able to help?


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