How to install Tvheadend (open source TV streaming server) on Ubuntu


Linux System Administrator with over 8 years experience in administering production level servers (CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian with apache2/nginx, mysql server, etc)

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  1. fellipe says:

    Hi Rasho, I would like to know about the next steps for multicast or unicast streaming delivering. Once I have tvheadend up and some capture device working fine, so, how how to create channels addresses and other stuffs like these, to be ready for setup the set top boxes?

  2. sayem says:

    Everything was installed fine..but no output in http://localhost:9981/ . “unable to connect” … did i missed something?

  3. Godfrey says:

    Hi Rasho,

    Iptv, in need some help in setting up a web service using apache, pho and MySQL on ubuntu or windows operating system. Are you able to help?


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