How to install Minecraft on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Learn how to install Minecraft on Linux (Ubuntu) in this simple tutorial. Minecraft has been a craze now for almost 9-10 years now but for those of you who don’t know about it.

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of those video games that even people who don’t game at all can instantly recognize. Its creator, Markus “Notch” Persson, first released it in 2009, and it has since then become the bestselling video game of all time.
Most Minecraft players would agree that the secrete to the game’s success lies in its creativity-inspiring design. Players are free to explore a large, procedurally generated world made of blocks, each of which can be interacted with, moved, or transformed into resources for crafting.
This blocky world is occupied by AI-controlled monsters, friendly villagers, and, in multiplayer mode, other players. Minecraft can be played either as a survival game or sandbox, and players are free to modify its gameplay mechanics and create new assets for it.
Because Minecraft is written in the Java programming language, it runs on Linux, Windows, and macOS. Keep in mind that there are several versions of Minecraft, and this article is about Minecraft: Java Edition.

How to install Minecraft on Ubuntu

There are two ways using which we can install Minecraft on Ubuntu, i.e.

1. Install using DEB package

To install Minecraft using .deb package, we will first download the package file,

$ wget

Now we install the package using the following command,

$ sudo dpkg -i ~/Download/Minecraft.deb

Installation is still not done as we will be encountering some dependency issues for the package file, which can be resolved by the following command,

$ sudo apt -f install

Now some other packages will install & upon completion you will be able to launch the Minecraft launcher from the Ubuntu Application List. Open the Minecraft launcher & login the your account to enjoy the game.

2. Install using the Snap

2nd way for the installation of Minecraft on Ubuntu is using the snap package manager. Snap comes pre-installed on Ubuntu 20 but for older you might be required to install it.

Install Minecraft using the following snap command,
$ sudo snap install mc-installer
This single command will install Minecraft on Ubuntu system, Launch the Minecraft installer, login & enjoy.
Minecraft Launcher

Once you’ve logged in, click the Play button and enjoy Minecraft—there’s really nothing more to it!

Play Minecraft

Thats is it! If you have any questions or queries regarding this tutorial, please share those with us using the comment box below.

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