How to install Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat”

This guide shows you how to download a Fedora 19″Schrödinger’s Cat”  live CD image, burn this image to a disc, and use this disc to install Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat” on your desktop or notebook computer.


Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat” some of features:

  • Linux kernel version 3.9.5
  • GNOME 3.8
  • KDE 4.10
  • MATE 1.6
  • LibreOffice 4.1
  • Default database is MariaDB instead of MySQL

Please visit to know Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat” complete features.


First, Download Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat”:

In this tutorial I will install Fedora 19 GNOME Desktop 32-bit
When the ISO image is downloaded, burn it with your favorite DVD burning application on a blank DVD. Or you can write it to a USB stick.

How to install Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat”

Here, we’ll follow simple steps to install Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat”.
Boot your system with Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat”Live CD/DVD or botable USB stick.You may press ‘ENTER‘ key to Start Fedora 19  “Schrödinger’s Cat” else it will start within specific time automatically. While starting fedora 19 installer you will get two options ‘Start Fedora 19′ and ‘Troubleshooting’.
Click Install to Hard Drive

Boot Fedora 19
Start Fedora 19 Installation

Select language and click on “Continue“.

Select Language

Fedora 19 Installation Summary Window (settings location, date and time, keyboard, software and storage)

Fedora 19 Installation summary

Date, Time and locale settings.

Date, Time and locale settings

Set Hostname

Set Hostname

Select Installation Destination

Select Installation Destination

Installation options, where you can view and modified filesystem as per requirement. In this post we have used automatic partitions.

Select Automatic Partition

Once done everything, it is now all set to begin installation. Click on “Begin Installation“.

Fedora 19 Installation Begins

Give root password and create users.

Set root Password

Set root Password

Set root Password

Create User Account

Create User Account

Root password is set and user is also created. Now relax installation is being processed.
If your Installation completed, reboot system after ejecting media.

Installation Completed

Finishing Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat” Installation

Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat” Boot Menu

Fedora 19 Boot Menu

Booting Fedora 19  “Schrödinger’s Cat”

Booting Fedora 19

Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat” GDM Login Screen

Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat” Login Screen

Fedora 19 Gnome 3.8 Welcome Screen

GNOME Initial Setup

Fedora 19 ‘Schrödinger’s Cat‘ Desktop Screen.

Fedora 19 Desktop
Fedora 19

That is all…

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