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How to create/schedule cron jobs on your kloxo panel

Kloxo is a free control panel for managing your VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting.
Cronjob is scheduling a task to run later. The task can be either command or a script. The background process(daemon) behind the cronjob is the crond. In the /etc folder there is a file called crontab where we can write the command or name of the script that is to be executed at as per our customized time.
In this tutorial I am explaining the steps for creating/managing cron-jobs via Kloxo panel.

Login to your Kloxo control panel. Click on “Cron Scheduled Task” under the Domain area.

lick on "Cron Scheduled Task"
lick on “Cron Scheduled Task”

There are two option in your Kloxo, Simple and Standard; In simple section you can create simple cron jobs for every Minute, Hour or Day.

Add sample cronjob
Add sample cronjob

The standard section having the standard cronjob scheduling syntax. You can create a standard Cron here, see the image:

Add standard cronjob
Add standard cronjob

That’s it!
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