Easy Samba server installation on CentOS 6.5


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  1. Mike says:

    Why not use webmin?

  2. mcsey says:

    Has anyone found a Resara replacement? Easy Samba PDC from an image with a client side gui for Windows/*nix?

  3. Charles Wells says:

    yum install samba4 samba4-client samba4-common

    Would be better

    • Alberto Bettini says:

      i have installed samba 4 but when i try to connect to share named secure
      i have every access denied
      how can i try ?
      thanks Alberto

  4. Erick Rodrigues says:

    Hi Rasho, great post.

    I’m a Linux novice, and I have created a share called Ativos, its path is /var/www/html. My environment is a Windows Server 2012 Standard domain. Using the command wbinfo I am able to get all users/groups of Windows domain, but when I try to access the created share through a Windows desktop, it returns me access denied.

    In Webmin, I put a Windows valid group in the valid gropus and read/write groups fields, but still cannot access this share.

    Where should I doing it wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. lulu says:

    Still get error “Windows cannot access share”?

  6. seeder says:

    Ich kann die Iptables Rules nicht setzten. Angeblich ist der Befehl zu lang. Was nun?

  7. AndrewC says:

    Although I can see the share in the network broswer on windows I also get error the “Windows cannot access share”

  8. Yazir Arafath says:

    Thank you!

  9. hoangtho says:

    you might want to try this command: chcon –reference=/var /

  10. Tuxs says:

    If samba share is not allowed in selinux this wont work.. (default selinux is enforced)

    This step is missing in this guide..

    chcon -R -t samba_share_t /you_share_dir

    Yet easy to understand excellent guide

  11. andricahragil says:

    great post.. thankyou..

  12. Marben says:

    It works, Thank you very much for your post .

  13. venkat_php says:

    thank you… its work

  14. Patrick says:

    Thank you and Congratulations

    in 2017 still works!

  15. Riko says:

    where is the ip address samba server ? wher i can find it ? or just the ip in the #ifconfig ?

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