Colorize log files on CentOS and Ubuntu using ccze tool


Linux System Administrator with over 8 years experience in administering production level servers (CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian with apache2/nginx, mysql server, etc)

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9 Responses

  1. Charles Wells says:

    Excellent. Very useful tool.

  2. Fred says:

    Nice post man. Will make my life easier =)

  3. tim says:

    You should check out lnav ( It’s a log file viewer that does highlighting, follows files like ‘tail -f’, merges multiple files into a single view, filtering, and more.

  4. Eric Bostrom says:

    I was using grc/tail/custom tools before but ccze is a lot nicer. Thanks!

  5. Changfeng Chi says:

    thinks collection:)

  6. Piyush Gaur says:

    Brilliant, that’s really useful. Specially when you are digging into logs. Thanks a ton sire 🙂

  7. Basil Mohamed Gohar says:

    Thank you for sharing. I’d never heard of this tool, and trying it out on my CentOS 7 box, can’t believe I’ve lived so long without it.

  8. John Willis says:

    A plugin for Tomcat please? catalina.out ?

  9. soso says:

    what about red hat 5 os ?

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