Best linux terminal emulators


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  1. RoseHosting says:

    Listed below are some other popular Linux terminal emulators:

    Tilda: a slide-down GTK+ terminal emulator similar to that of Guake.
    LXterminal: the default terminal of Linux distributions based on LXDE.
    ROXTerm: powerful and useful terminal emulator built with many features for Linux power users.

  2. DI XX says:

    I was hoping to see Tmux on the list.

  3. yakuake! > guake, terminator, tilda

  4. yakuake! > guake, terminator, tilda

  5. Giskard says:

    xfce4-terminal DOES have transparency background. You can active it from Edit->Preferences->Appearence->Background->TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND.

    • Greg says:

      I use XFCE terminal daily and couldn’t believe that the writer said it didn’t have transparency settings. These writers should stick to things they know something about.

  6. DigeratiZ says:

    What about terminology? Offers lots of features including like rewrapping whrn window resizing….

  7. David Crosby says:

    missing terminology, it lets you have multiple terminals per a screen and tabs plus more.

  8. nitrofurano says:

    missing mate-terminal and lxterm there

  9. nitrofurano says:

    there is no finalterm at debian and ubuntu repository

  10. dominic16y says:

    there is another drop down terminal “altyo” you forget mentioned

  11. Sleep_Walker says:

    You’re missing:
    XTerm (obviously) – fast, feature complete and de facto standard
    Terminology – fast and nicely themable terminal
    st – minimalist choice for advanced powerusers

  12. Juraci says:

    Nice list, thanks for sharing. I would recommend the addition of Terminology terminal because of its fantastic features including the possibility to play a video or show an image in the terminal itself.

  13. Jatin Kaushal says:

    What happened to urxvt?

  14. Lookanio says:

    Terminology and its magic “tyls -m” command 🙂

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